Good Practices while travelling

Planning for Travel

  • Get a weather update to select the suitable items from checklist.
  • Find out about local laws and customs.
  • Check the validity of passport and Visa before travel. Ensure that the expiry dates cover the stay period in the country.
  • Check for expiry dates on Credit and Debit card. Extend the date of validity if needed.
  • Check about vaccinations you need with your doctor well in advance before you travel.
  • Avoid any involvement with drugs as the penalties are severe.
  • Make arrangements for pets
  • Pay for bills that would be due in your absence

Just before Leaving

  • Leave a copy of your itinerary and a way of contacting you, such as e-mail, with family and friends.
  • Be aware of local news and happening before travel (to safeguard against strike, repercussion of natural calamites and other unfortunate incidents).
  • Stop newspaper
  • Stop the mail or arrange for neighbours to collect it for you
  • Mow the lawn. For longer trips arrange for someone to do it for you.
  • Make a copy of passport and Visa and leave it with somebody reliable back home. One copy of passport to be carried on self.
  • Carry essential numbers in mobile for instant access (Bank and Credit card company, Emergency contacts etc).
  • Make note of credit/debit card number to report in case its lost.
  • Carry only essential items and minimise number of languages.
  • Charge your mobile, digital cameras, cam coders, personal laptops etc completely before travel
  • In flights - Keep the essential and high value items as part of hand luggage. This includes medicines.
  • Pick up trash/Remove trash from home before departure
  • Make sure to switch off and unplug Iron and other electrical equipment including
  • A/C, TV, Music system, Fans etc (most common cause of worry for people!!).
  • Lock all windows and doors before you leave.
  • Turn off water connections to your washing machine.
  • Turn down thermostat
  • Empty refrigerator
  • Store valuables in a safe place
  • Check if the gas has been put off. Recheck this again before you start your journey.
  • Reconfirm flight /train schedule before reaching the airport/station. This would sometime save you from being stuck at the airport/station.
  • Set out of office reply for e-mails
  • Place business/address card on all luggage's (to retrieve/return in case it is lost). This includes wallet, camera and other personal items.
  • Plan to arrive at the airport/train station well in advance. This is all the more important if you have children travelling with you.
  • Keep one of the lights on or place timed lighting system (to prevent theft).

During the Journey

  • Help preserve local wildlife and habitats by respecting rules and regulations
  • Always carry an identity proof - Copy of Passport, Driving licence, Employer ID card etc
  • Carry minimal currency for incidental expenses
  • Use hotel safety lock for high value items
  • Split and place the cash you carry with you in multiple places (Wallet, Pocket).
  • In crowded places, keep the purse in the front pocket
  • Stay aware of what is going around you and keep away from situations where you do not feel comfortable
  • Never leave your baggage unattended
  • If your money, passport or anything else is stolen report it to the local police and obtain a statement about the loss. You will need one to claim against your insurance

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